Increase your Non-Profit Success with these 5 PR Tips

I recently read an article on EverythingPR on the value and effectiveness of a well thought out public relations plan to bring attention and recognition to Non-profits.  These tips are excellent not only for the audience for Non-profits but across all organizations and industries.


Connect the cause - Your communication needs to make the cause matter to your target market. If they read or view your communication and are unmoved, it’s your fault, not theirs. You need to teach them something in a way that makes them want to learn more. To surprise and invite and connect – never beg, cajole, or guilt trip.

Personify the cause - Your potential volunteers or donors need to be able to see the need, and they need to be able to see themselves meeting the need. That means putting people in your PR is an absolute must.

Show your gratitude - When you achieve success, share it. Give as much credit as possible to your support team, donors, and volunteers. Without them, you can’t do what you need to do – and they need to know you realize that, and that you are very grateful for their contribution. 

Make it social - Causes are causes, but when you can help a cause while connecting with or meeting friends, then those connections can become the glue that keeps volunteers engaged. Consider, most people hate to exercise, but if you ask them to jog or walk with friends for a cause, they flock to it with unbridled enthusiasm. When your PR can unlock the secret of social activism you will increase your volunteer retention and overall success.

Make it meaningful - Finally, your communication must drive home the real meaning of not only the greater cause, but also in each individual activity. People love to make a difference they can see. Sure, they will give to an ambiguous cause, but they really invest in something that has real, tangible meaning. 

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San Diego’s NextLevel Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary!!

A great local San Diego success story! NextLevel has reached a new landmark with 15 years of double-digit growth and support for local and national markets.  NextLevel celebrates this anniversary with great pride as the company remains organically funded, has thrived through two major recessions, a bubble and to this day, maintains a perfect record with zero complaints via the Better Business Bureau. 


Started in 1999, NextLevel developed a fully redundant, high-availability internet backbone which was created for first responders and mission-critical clients, whose interruption of internet connection could result in the loss of life, money, or reputation.  These first clients still remain with NextLevel today because of the unsurpassed quality of both NextLevel’s technology and unmatched customer service. 

Throughout the last 15 years, the company has introduced new private WAN, co-location and unified communications services all built on its mission-critical internet foundation.  This year, the company established the NextLevel Cloud, a fully managed private cloud network for organizations looking for a modern, cost effective and secure alternative to building and maintaining their own cloud based communications systems.

Several years ago, NextLevel focused its sales and growth model on the reseller channel to break new ground outside of the California market.  This strategic expansion, coupled with high adoption and low churn rates of NextLevel Voice and NextLevel Cloud services, resulted in the company’s solutions becoming rapidly deployed across the nation.

As NextLevel has evolved its company and technology, it was also imperative to introduce a new brand and corporate image.  Targeted towards a national audience and broader verticals, earlier this year, the company launched a redesigned website and company logo which truly reflects its full range of cloud based products.  NextLevel is committed to making communications as easy as possible by providing a fully managed system, unmatched customer service and unbeatable value for today’s business. 

How To Write and Pitch a Bylined Article That WILL Get You Published

Great piece by intermarkadstream:


By Sonia Blumstein, Account Supervisor at Intermark Group

Is the traditional newspaper op-ed dead? We ask the question because according to the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), newspapers are dying, and so is their circulation. The NAA’s most recent report shows that the total circulation of newspapers is now just over 1,300 daily and 900 on Sundays. Total daily circulation has bottomed out at roughly 44 million. Sunday circulation, however, is up, just slightly, to approximately 49.5 million readers.

Yet even today, an opinion-editorial (sometimes called a guest opinion or bylined article) published on The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in FREE, earned media.

And who doesn’t want that?

Fortunately, today’s newspaper op-ed shelf life is longer than the life of a sheet of black-and-white typed ink. A published piece lives on past its publication date on the Internet, through repostings on blogs and on social media. Cumulatively, that equals a gazillion eyeballs that still care about the opinion-editorial page: thought leaders, lawmakers, concerned citizens.

But please - pretty please - learn to write them right.

Here are some tips to write an effective opinion-editorial that will land you in your local newspaper, and with the right wordsmithing, could land you in a top-tier publication.

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